Wenger Company

The Wenger company was founded in 1893 at Courtetelle, a little Swiss town in the Northwest of this tradional European country. In that time, however, the Wenger company was named after it’s founder – Paul Boechat & Cie. In the first couple of years, their production was mainly focused on knives. Reason was really simple as a well known cutlery manufacturer, Paul Boeachat received an exclusive contract for the Swiss Army – to design an unique multifunctional army knive. It was just them and Victorinox who were entrusted with such a difficult task. They succeeded and created an icon. In about 1897, Thedore Wenger was hired as a general manager and it was him whose name was given to the company. And even today, after all those years, the Wenger & Co. S.A. proudly bears his name.

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In 2005, the Wenger corporation became a part of it’s main rival‘s company – Victorinox. They have built a powerful relationship and become leaders in knife making.

In 1988, Wenger started producing watches. In their time pieces everything what they have learnt and developed is being combined. And everyone in the Wenger watch company has worked hard to gain an equal reputation as the main division in knife making.