AeroGraph – All models from the Aerograph collection are precision timepieces that deliver uncompromising performance and design, complete with attributes inspired by aircraft instrumentation.

Alpine – For sporty design, ruggedness and functionality, the Alpine series is on a level few can hope to attain. No series says more about Wenger excellence than Alpine.

AquaGraph – The AquaGraph collection is for those who know no limits, and always try to dive a little deeper.

Battalion – Highly prized for their superior performance and design, the Battalion series offers a watch for any outdoor enthusiast.

Commando – A popular Wenger stalwart, the Commando series of Swiss watches combines outstanding form with diverse functionality. Not only do they suit well in the field, they are great even in the office!

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Field Classic – They might look a little bit spartan but don’t let them fool you! The Field Classic will serve you forever!

GST® – The GST® series demonstrates how precision engineering need not appear fussy or complex. The bold styling of the GST line unashamedly announces its owner as someone not to be taken lightly.

Nomad LED Compass – Modern watches for any outdoor enthusiasts who are always on the move. A classic analog display in combination with a LED readout featuring a compass, date, dayand time, to always keep you on course.

Squadron – Timepieces dedicated to the Search & Rescue squadron pilots worldwide. The Squadron watch combines everything a real airman must rely on. Accurate and legible time-keeping and dead-reckoning navigation.

Sport Elegance The only choice for every modern looking and thinking women. These watches fit well to denim as they do to silk!

Standart Issue – Clearly, classic style guarantees longevity. One of the first watches Wenger ever made, the Standard Issue remains a signature series to this day.

Mountaineer – The Mountaineer collection was designed for all the adventerous types who live on the edge and need a proper tool to help them push their limits!